Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First Off, I'd like to say that if you are lucky enough to have been blessed with excellent art instruction, than I'm realllly happy and reallllly jealous of you.
I couldn't afford art instruction, and couldn't wait until I got to college so that I could major in art. I was too stupid to major in a good art college, since my parents drummed into me that there was no money in that, so I ended up in Hunter College studying social work and I thought Id minor in art.

The programs at Hunder sucked. The Coolist teacher I had was named Dudek, and he was a conceptual artist that inspired me to do some abstract work which I liked under his instruction, but for the most part, the teachers who were supposed to teach you how to draw and paint were just interested in collecting a paycheck. At least my professors were.

I recall several instances where one professor would throw a bunch of items up on a desk , sit it in the middle of the room, and say to us, "draw that!" then he'd walk out to have a 3 hour cigarette break while we drew and painted whatever crap he threw up on the desk.

Another professor commanded us to complete a painting each time we came to his class and gave virtually NO instruction, guidance, or input what so ever

These experiences disillusioned me with art school, as it just seemed like a place where you were given a block of time to work on whatever you wanted, and then you pay the school to do that!
I figured I could work on my own and decided to go that route instead.

I would have to say that I learned more from my own reading, and experimenting and also from talking with other students, than I did from any teacher.